Please send any questions you may have about this camp to the organisers at:

Below youíll find the general questions we received, answered by the organisers.


This event is organized under the auspices of Dryade magazine, but in fact, the organisers are druids Marjon, Robbin, Peter, Judith and Ezra. (left to right)The 2018
This camp has been set up as a co-operative event at which bards, ovates and druids and their families and friends can meet each other in a relaxed way, such as by the campfire at night, but where certainly also meaningful, spiritual workshops will be run and attended by druids and friends.

People offering workshops and other activities (agreed upon by the organisation beforehand) will be offered a modest, and in our opinion appropriate, discount on part of their registration fee.
We have tried to keep the registration fees as low as possible, and offer a special, very low fee for children in order to allow families to join at a reasonable price.