Below you'll find more information on the workshops & activities and the people who will run them.
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We advise participants not to try and join in at every activity. This is impossible! Please pick your choose, and take a rest if you need it.

This section will be completed in due time; it will be updated when additional information is available and/or changes occur.
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Other activities

Apart from the opportunities to participate in several wonderful workshops, there are a number of other activities at this camp.
There will be several ceremonies and rituals. On Friday evening we'll celebrate the opening of this camp with a cermony. On Saturday evening there will be a concert by Damh the Bard from the UK. On Sunday afternoon there will be a market/fair. Every morning before breakfast there will be a 'beating the bounds-ceremony' and a dance of life to greet the new day. And of course there will be evening campfires and on Sunday night a great Eisteddfod, where stories, poetry, music and other performance arts will be presented by participants (you too?) to all present.